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Giving Back


We are instituting give-back programs for the benefit of non-profit organizations and the UCC in Zimbabwe (UCCZ). Donations will be sent to UCCZ through Global Ministries (Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ), when large quantities of books are purchased by a non-profit organization such as a Conference or congregations, as explained below.

Giving back to Non-profit Organizations

We would like to support non-profit organizations and/or missionary work through the sales of this book. We shall therefore donate 10% of the book proceeds to any non-profit organization, Conference or congregations whose membership purchases more than 20 books in one transaction through it, or its proxy. The purchasing entity can elect to have their donations sent either (1) directly to them or (2) Global Ministries for the benefit of the UCCZ.

The donation from us will be sent to the purchasing entity or Global Ministries at the end of the next month. For example if the bulk purchase is done in February, funds will be transferred at the end of March.  We encourage any interested entities to contact us before the purchase for more pertinent sales tracking details.

At least one of the authors may be available to give a pre- and/or post book purchase talk at your non-profit organization’s gathering and/or sign the purchased books.

If your organization is interested in this program please fill-out the interest form below.

Giving back to the UCCZ Community through  Precious Mt. Silinda Conference and Retreats 

We invite you to join us at our first Precious Mt. Silinda Conference and Retreat 2013.  Our goal is to create a climate and frameworks through which we can continue to move Africa’s agenda forward.  We will explore some of the historical issues discussed in the book, “Precious Mt. Silinda”, and also mold a common vision for Africa’s continued development.  These serial nation-building activities will take place at private exclusive resorts that will allow participants to completely withdraw from the hassles and bustles of typical urban life while soul-searching and brainstorming. In addition, anyone is welcomed to use these resorts for their family vacations and/or organizational retreats whenever they have the need.

The Precious Mt. Silinda Conference Proceedings will be made available to the public for purchase and the funds will be channeled to the UCCZ through Global Ministries.  The funds shall be used to fund community developmental grants in the Mt. Silinda area under the auspices of the UCCZ. Grant applicants will be required to supply, among other things, a sustainability plan and will also be encouraged to utilize the conference proceedings as a “blueprint” for development, where applicable. Recipients’ annual progress reports will be made available on this website,, for public review.

If you, or your organization, are interested in any of these programs and the additional items listed, please fill-out the interest form below.

Moving Africa Forward

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