Precious Mt. Silinda 
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What you will Learn

After reading this book you will learn:

  • First-hand accounts of the impact of Western Christian missionary work in Africa since the late nineteenth century through African eyes.
  • How Tshaka Zulu’s supremacy wars in KwaZulu/Zululand paved the pathway for the founding of Mt. Silinda Mission and the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ). 
  • What Western Christianity needs to understand to better serve Africans, and specifically African Christians.
  • What Western clinical healing processes could adopt in order to be accepted as complete by Africans.
  • How Christian-oriented communities like Mt. Silinda Mission;
    • Exalted the status of African women in society during the colonial era.
    • Undermined apartheid  by grooming scholars and intellectuals who would become the political catalysts in the African decolonization process.
    • Produced disciplined and cultured scholars who have gone on to break new grounds in education, business, agriculture, government etc...

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