Precious Mt. Silinda 
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From the Author


This book examines the impact

of Christian missionary work

in Africa since the dawn of

the twentieth century from an African

perspective. I feel as though God put

me in a unique position to witness over

a century of Christian work through

my parent’s s eyes, starting when Mt.

Silinda Mission and the United Church

of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ) were

simultaneously founded in 1893,

followed by my and my late husband’s

Christian work to date. As we enter the

twenty-first century I feel obligated to

share this gift God gave me with the rest

of the world, for perhaps this is part of

my mission and purpose in life. Even

though this “Century Missionary Report

Card in Africa” represents my specific

interpretations, opinions, and views,

I am almost certain that most African

people who share a similar background

with me will generally agree with my

overall conclusions.

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